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30-31 May 2022

First project meeting: Nicosia, Cyprus


Tin-TRAC will realize its first partnership meeting on 30-31/5/2022 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The University of Cyprus Learning Resource Centre "Stelios Ioannou" (Room LRC014) will host the meeting.

Multiplier Event


Additionally, on 31/5/2022, a multiplier event will be realized in Nicosia, Cyprus. The objective of the event is to give a description of the project to local interested and relevant stakeholders – e.g. healthcare and patient organizations, clinicians, researchers, lecturers from other institutions and to involve patients so they can learn from the project but also allow the project consortium to learn from their needs.

The open event will be held in the premises of CYENS (Google maps link) at 16:00. It will include:
- a talk that presents the project's goals,
- a Q&A session and
- a coffee break in which we can talk, socialize and build new networks of cooperation with regard to tinnitus!

All interested clinicians / researchers / patients / stakeholders are invited. 

A pre-registration is not necessary, but we would like to know that you are coming, so please let us know by sending a notification via the contact page.

31 May 2022

16-17 September 2022

Learning and teaching activity:
RLOs Development in the use case of Tinnitus


During the 16nth and 17nth of September, Tin-TRAC will held its first learning and teaching activity, which focuses on the development of Re-usable Learning Objects (RLOs) in the thematic of Tinnitus.
The training will be held in Thessaloniki and will be offered as a workshop of the SAN2022 conference: the meeting of the Society for Applied Neuroscience. 

Project Meeting


Tin-TRAC will realize its first partnership meeting on 18-19/9/2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Laboratory of Medical Physics and Digital Innovation of the Aristotle University will host the meeting.

18-19 September 2022


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