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Interprofessional Training for Tinnitus Researchers and Clinicians 

Interdisciplinary approach and individualized treatment plan are key points for successful management, due to the great heterogeneity of symptoms. 


All around Europe, ENT physicians, audiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, behavioral neuroscientists, general practitioners, nurses, customer advocates, psychoacousticians, basic scientists and patient representatives work on providing highly personalized upto-date diagnostic and management services and collaborate in varied research projects focusing on tinnitus pathophysiology, assessment and possible cures.

The overall aim of the Erasmus+ project Tin-TRAC is to utilize co-creative principles to develop digital learning resources that will Integrate tinnitus assessment and management in terms of clinical and research practice throughout EU.

As such, the main goal is the development of an EU-wide e-Learning platform, that will support a multidisciplinary applicable, standardized curriculum on Tinnitus assessment procedures and treatment recommendation, integrating research and clinical practice. 


  • Provide a pan-European framework for interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and cooperation
  • Identify the best practices, policies and methods regarding specialized training across Europe and organize customized training programs for researchers and clinicians throughout different European facilities.
  • Offer the possibility of collaboration with organisations in other sectors in order to stimulate a more comprehensive, rapid, effective and long-term response to tinnitus patients
  • Exploit co-creative practices on the preparation and dissemination of comprehensive high quality educational material on globally accepted guidelines on tinnitus assessment and management 
  • Train possible future trainers of health care professionals. Multiply impact, create long-term effect
Who will benefit

Project’s outcome will be available to a wide audience of healthcare professionals, clinicians and researchers


Copyright 2022. All rights reserved. Tin-TRAC is a Joint Project funded by the European Commission within the ERASMUS+ 2021 Programme, Key Action 2 – KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

  • Department of Psychology
  • University of Cyprus
  • P.O. Box 20537
  • CY-1678 Nicosia
  • Cyprus
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